The Artist Sessions – erotic self portraiture

The Artist Sessions

I have taken literally 1000’s of nude images of the human body, the images have been artistic, erotic, sensual, simple and described in many ways by many people. I have made great friends of those wonderful people who got undressed for me, allowed themselves to trust me and allowed me to study them in the most intimate of detail. Often most fascinating was what went on behind the nude mask, their thoughts, the physical reactions to my lens. In essence I was a very privileged person.

I felt that one day I ought to step in front of my own lens, to gauge my own reaction, both spiritually and physically. I am that exhibitionist, I am that hedonist. My own erotic self portraiture. But, I didn’t want to do it alone, I wanted others to join me in my journey and at that point ‘The Artist Sessions’ were born.

So continues my journey to find those adventurous souls to join me in my art. Essentially there is no brief.

Required, those willing, creative, sensual, being’s with a healthy interest in sex and erotica. There are no pre-conceived ideas or plans, just a flow of movement, the camera working by itself, bodies intertwined, touching, creating a brief erotic snapshot of time between model and model photographer.

Each session has been unique, arousing, sexual, professional, with no script nor theme it becomes the simple creativity of two naked human beings. Enjoy the images here, created over the last few years with wonderful, creative, sexy souls.


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