The girl from Cambridge

A session from 2010, the model a lithe, sensual, artist. Throwing herself in to the creativity with abandon and a sense of humour. We worked for a whole afternoon, the camera recording 100’s of images. I learnt that she liked to be restrained, her honestly arousing to be frank. I felt her arousal, as we moved and touched each other, hot, wet and sticky. She felt the need to apologise, I found it liberating, arousing, I wanted her to let go, be herself.

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The Artist Sessions – erotic self portraiture

The Artist Sessions

I have taken literally 1000’s of nude images of the human body, the images have been artistic, erotic, sensual, simple and described in many ways by many people. I have made great friends of those wonderful people who got undressed for me, allowed themselves to trust me and allowed me to study them in the most intimate of detail. Often most fascinating was what went on behind the nude mask, their thoughts, the physical reactions to my lens. In essence I was a very privileged person.

I felt that one day I ought to step in front of my own lens, to gauge my own reaction, both spiritually and physically. I am that exhibitionist, I am that hedonist. My own erotic self portraiture. But, I didn’t want to do it alone, I wanted others to join me in my journey and at that point ‘The Artist Sessions’ were born.

So continues my journey to find those adventurous souls to join me in my art. Essentially there is no brief.

Required, those willing, creative, sensual, being’s with a healthy interest in sex and erotica. There are no pre-conceived ideas or plans, just a flow of movement, the camera working by itself, bodies intertwined, touching, creating a brief erotic snapshot of time between model and model photographer.

Each session has been unique, arousing, sexual, professional, with no script nor theme it becomes the simple creativity of two naked human beings. Enjoy the images here, created over the last few years with wonderful, creative, sexy souls.

Hedonist, photographer, pornographer……………….erotic artist ?

Ethical hedonism is the idea that all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them, assuming that their actions do not infringe on the equal rights of others. It is also the idea that every person’s pleasure should far surpass their amount of pain. The idea that pleasure is the highest good. I have been taking photos since I was a child and as a young boy was lucky enough to marvel at the naked human form in the wonderfully liberal upbringing I had, studying closely the human body in literature, in real life, in photographs, in pornography and film. Therefore my passion for photographing the human nude is obvious and comes from a background that never considered nudity or sex in real life or depicted in any other medium to be shameful or unhealthy. The truth is sex is healthy, masturbation is healthy, exploring your sensuality and sexuality is healthy. Sex is the greatest pleasure ‘mother nature’ or whatever god you believe in has given us, as long as that sex is consensual, joyful, spiritual and enjoyed then we should endeavor to practice it at every opportunity ! So my passion as a photographer and a hedonist is to capture the rapture and ecstasy of sex in film and photograph, incorporating the consensual, joyful and spiritual essence of such a beautiful act. You will find a little of my work dotted around this blog, make your own judgements with regard to the images, just please use an open mind. I would describe myself firstly as a gentle man, sensual and spiritual with a passionate and wild streak. I am a voyeur, an exhibitionist a hedonist. I have few inhibitions and I do not judge others. We are here on this earth to brighten the days of all those whom paths we cross… be honest and speak the truth, be loyal, brave and dare to dream.

erotic photography. why take nude photographs ?

So why shoot erotic art ?

Partly because it is interesting and technically difficult, but most importantly is the belief that the woman’s body has evolved to be very beautiful to both men and women.

Further, because of the huge industry in Pornography (which can be defined as the exploitation of the woman’s body to make money using the primitive lust of men as the motivating force), women have tended to rebel against the idea that a women should be defined by how they look.

I am more inclined to believe that both the body and the mind are beautiful, thus there is nothing wrong with cultivating both to increase the pleasure and joy of life.

If sex and sensuality is a beautiful part of life that is enjoyed by both men and women, art that depicts the beauty of sexuality is not necessarily demeaning to women.

With the use of quality erotic pictures I hope to stimulate both sexes (who respond differently to sexual images).

Good quality eroticism, unlike pornography, is generally less sexually explicit and always sexually arousing. Eroticism is more artistic than pornography in capturing the beauty, shape and form of the human body and its deeper portrayal of our emotions, lust and desire. Good erotic art portrays good healthy sexuality and sex; which is joyful, exciting, intimate, interesting and pleasurable.